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Paganini For Two - Gil Shaham . Goran Sollscher XRCD
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Paganini For Two - Gil Shaham . Goran Sollscher XRCD

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Paganini For Two - Gil Shaham . Goran Sollscher XRCD

Catalogue Number 480 246-5

New and Sealed 24 Bit 4D XRCD

Recorded in Berlin in 1992 and issued on Deutsche Grammophon in 1994, Paganini For Two features the dream pairing of award winning Israeli violinst Gil Shaham and Swedish virtuoso classical guitarist Goran Sollscher on an unparalleled program of Paganini duets. Together Shaham and Sollscher take this difficult material and unveil it beautifully and with artistic conviction, literally setting the standard for the violin/guitar works that would follow! 

"Also natural is Shaham's temperament for Paganini. He never stumbles over the technical hurdles; the result is a brilliant and exciting set of performances with all the hallmarks of a world-class Paganinian - a round, rich cantabile and a technique that remains subordinate and never interrupts the musical line and flow...Guitarist Göran Söllscher is unsurpassed. His vibrant and golden sound - which both accompanies and takes over occasionally from the violinist - imparts an ideal background. There are a few other good recordings of these pieces but they will have to bow to this duo." - The Strad, Edward Sainati

- Niccolo Paganini (composer)
- Gil Shaham (violin)
- Goran Sollscher (guitar)



Gil Shaham And Goran Sollscher Paganini For Two Track Listing:

Sonata concertata M.S. 2 in A Major
1. Allegro spiritoso
2. Adagio, assai espressivo
3. Rondeau. Allegretto con brio, scherzando
Sei sonata M.S. 27, Op. 3, No. 1 in A Major
4. Larghetto
5. Presto variato - Variazione
Sei sonata M.S. 27, Op. 3, No. 4, in A minor
6. Andante largo
7. Allegretto
Sei sonata M.S. 27, Op. 3, No. 6, in E minor
8. Andante
9. Allegro vivo e spiritoso - Minore
Grand Sonata M.S. 3 in A Major
10. Romance. Piu tosto Largo, Amorosamente
Centone di sonate - Lettera A, No. 2 in D Major
11. Adagio cantabile
12. Rondoncino. Andantino, Tempo di Polacca - Minore
Centone di sonate - Lettera A, No. 4 in A Major
13. Adagio cantabile
14. Rondo. Andantino, Allegretto - Minore - Maggiore
15. Cantabile M.S. 109 in D Major
Introduction and Variations on "Dal tuo stellato soglio" from Rossini's Mose M.S. 23
16. Introduction. Adagio
17. Theme. Tempo alla Marcia
18. Variation I
19. Variation II. Vigoroso
20. Variation III
21. Finale
Moto perpetuo M.S. Op. 11, in C Major
22. Allegro vivace a movimento perpetuo



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