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Dadawa - Sister Drum XRCD2 20Bit
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Dadawa - Sister Drum XRCD2 20Bit

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DADAWA-Sister Drum XRCD2 20 Bit

Probably the most elaborately produced album in Chinese music history. It began with the idea to modernise traditional Tibetan music and was more than a three-year mammoth production, with some of the most renowned Chinese artists. Sonically and musically from another world. Anyone who does not feel goosebumps at "Crossing The Ridge", should urgently look  for a pulse. 

The album itself is a political issue, as it combines Chinese influences of pop culture with traditional values and singing in Mandarin to the rhythms mixes rotating prayer wheels. Finally, are Dadawa singer and producer HE Xun-Tian also Orthodox Christians. The high point of this discussion was the music video to the Dadawa in Lhasa, the walls of the palace of the 1,000 rooms, traditonal residence of the Dalai Lama, kisses. 

Nevertheless, this is the most internationally successful Chinese album of the modern era and the first Chinese album, of which more than one million official CDs were sold. 


Track Listing:

1. Home Without Shadow 05:56
2. Sister-Drum 05:52
3. Sky-Burial 07:34
4. Di Wei Shin Kan, New Wei Shin Kan (Paradise Inferno) 04:45
5. Crossing The Ridge 06:02
6. Zhouma of Zhoumas 04:58
7. The Turning Scripture 09:10

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