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PMC IB2 SE Loudspeakers
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PMC IB2 SE Loudspeakers

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PMC IB2 SE Speakers  

'With the new se editions we have improved the performance of the critically acclaimed IB2, MB2 and BB5 models even further, so the most discerning of audiophiles can delve deeper into the heart of the music and experience the purest essence of the artist’s intentions, capturing that moment in time from the studio.'

PMC’s enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level.

A PMC transmission line design utilises sophisticated cabinet construction, PMC designed drive units and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported models available elsewhere.

The bass driver is placed at one end of a long tunnel (the transmission line), which is heavily damped with absorbent acoustic material. This material is specified to absorb the upper bass and higher frequencies that radiate from the rear of the bass driver. The lowest frequencies, which remain in phase, then emerge from the large vent at the end of the line, which essentially acts as a second driver.

No other passive loudspeaker offers this level of resolution and feeling of inexhaustible headroom.

One advantage to this approach is that the air pressure loading the main driver is maintained, thus controlling the driver over a wide frequency range, which in turn significantly reduces distortion. A spin-off from the lack of distortion is that the upper bass and midrange detail is not masked by harmonic distortion residing in the very low frequencies. The result is PMC’s characteristic transparent midrange and fast attacking bass notes, all reproduced with outstanding clarity.

A further advantage of the transmission line approach is a cabinet that produces a higher volume and greater bass extension than a ported or sealed design of a similar size, even if identical drivers are used. Moreover, as the loading on the main driver is maintained at all volumes, the frequency response also remains consistent regardless of listening level.

Casual late night listening or analytical studio sessions can be conducted without the need for high volumes to achieve maximum bass response - a characteristic that is especially suited to both the home enthusiast and recording professional alike. 

No other loudspeaker of the IB2’s size can compete with its transparency or dynamics. The combination of the legendary PMC75 mid-range driver and mighty 10-inch piston driver results in exhilarating, emotional performances that will satisfy the most discerning audiophile and music lover.

The IB2’s roots lie in the professional studio realm, where it has become the reference for the world’s leading music-makers and producers, including Kraftwerk, Japan’s premier studio JVC, and Teldex of Berlin, who record for the premier classical label Deutsche Grammophon.

  • A dedicated IB2-C SE centre channel is also available. 


Available Finishes: 
Rich Macassar, Rose Macassar
Crossover Frequency: 
380Hz - 3.8kHz 
(H) 740mm x (W) 330mm x (D) 485mm (Stand (H) 486mm (+ 50mm spikes) x (W) 326mm x (D) 438mm) 
Drive Units: 
LF - PMC 10” 250mm Carbon Fibre & Nomex™ Piston , HF - 27mm SONOLEX™ soft dome Ferrofluid cooled, MF - PMC75 SE - 75mm soft dome 
Effective ATL™ Length: 
2.4m 8ft
Frequency Response: 
4 Ohm nominal
Input Connectors: 
3 pairs 4mm sockets (tri-amp or tri-wire) 
89dB 1w 1m 
49kg (stand 13kg)






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