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Atlas Equator MKIII 6N Subwoofer Interconnect
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Atlas Equator MKIII 6N Subwoofer Interconnect

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Manufacturer:  Atlas Cables


Atlas Equator MKIII 6N Subwoofer Interconnect


Atlas Cables understands the meaning of uncompromising performance. Is the ubiquitous Atlas Equator Asymmetrical the best interconnect on the market? It sure is at it's price!

Previous versions of this cable have been awarded the What Hi Fi best stereo interconnect of 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2008.

Following their research and development programme, the Equator is fitted with Atlas' entirely new Integra plug. The new improvement in sound quality achieved with the new Atlas non magnetic plug is outstanding.

The plug benefits from a solder free, cold weld interface between the 99.9999% pure copper co-axial stranded conductors and the plug for both the going and return signals, being free of solder, another barrier to the free-flow of the signal has been removed.

The Integra plug employs two conjugate brackets; these brackets grip the cable without compressing it. Compressing a coaxial causes the cable to alter its impedance from the 75 Ohms thereby causing deletions. In a digital interface the impedance can drop to some 40 Ohms which causes reflections and jitter. The Integra plug simply lets more information through.

A consistent winner, the improved Equator Integra is obviously the entry level audio interconnect for discerning music lovers. Like all Atlas interconnects, it provides a huge sound-stage together with a smooth delivery. It avoids the over bright and irritating sound so often a feature of similarly priced interconnects. Rather in common with all Atlas interconnects, irrespective of price, it offers the listener a sophisticated and relaxing sound with no artificial highs or lows.


Construction : Asymmetrical
Conductor Material : OFC
Screen Type/Material : OFC
Screen Coverage %: 94.8%
Dielectric : foamed PE
Connector : RCA Plug
Lengths :

0.5m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m 3.0m


Capacitance (pF/m) : 54.85
Resistance (Ohms/m @20°C): : 0.0094 Ω/M at 23oC
Inductance (µH/m @1 kHz) : 0.416
Velocity of propagation : Undertaking research




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