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Leema Acoustics Altair IV Mono Power Amplifiers
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Leema Acoustics Altair IV Mono Power Amplifiers

The Altairs herald a new level of power, control, and detail.

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Manufacturer:  Leema Acoustics


Leema Acoustics Altair IV Mono Power Amplifiers (Pair)


The new Reference Series Altair mono power amplifiers are designed to provide a new benchmark, not only for Leema Acoustics, but amongst all amplifiers.  The Altair heralds a new level of power, control, dynamic range, transparency, detail and speed.  With the ability to produce peaks of over 2 kilowatts and 100 amps the Altair will redefine the performance of any loudspeaker to which it is connected.

Far from being just powerful, the Altair is a technological tour-de-force, establishing hitherto unknown standards of detail, dynamic linearity and agility, leading to a staggeringly real musical performance.

Featuring LIPS2® the Altairs can be configured to receive a full level audio signal from the Pyxis preamplifier with the volume being adjusted at the input stage of the Altair.  This unique approach ensures the maximum signal to noise ratio and resolution of the musical signal is always maintained, even when listening at very low levels.

Altair features

· Reference standard mono power amplifier

· Innovative display showing LIPS® volume, start-up protection, overheat and fault diagnosis

· Balanced and single ended inputs

· LIPS® volume-controlled input operates with full signal level audio from the Pyxis preamplifier ensuring maximum signal-to-noise, resolution and dynamic range is maintained at all listening levels

· Balanced, single-ended and LIPS® outputs to allow daisy-chaining for bi-amping

· 2 sets of WBT NextGen loudspeaker outputs for bi-wiring, with multiple output inductors to prevent ringing in the individual loudspeaker crossover sections

· 20 amp mains input (mains cable supplied)

· Available in black or silver anodised aluminium

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