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Tellurium Q Black USB Cable

Tellurium Q Black USB Cable

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Manufacturer:  Tellurium Q



Please note we are unable to ship Tellurium Q products overseas. UK Sales only.

Tellurium Q Black USB Cable

  • Available in lengths from 1.0m up to 5.0m

The latest addition from the award winning Tellurium Q people. We now have a superbly engineered USB lead joining the family. This fabulous cable is available now in lengths from 1m up to 5m.


This is a seriously competitive USB cable. It lets the bass, the midrange and the highs come through in a balanced way without privileging any of them at the expense of others. With the TelluriumQ USB cable, digital music - even Apple lossless - sounds dynamic and natural, quite analogue.

If you want to listen to computer sourced music in a natural and non digital way, this is definitely the USB cable to buy.


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