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Tellurium Q Black Diamond USB Audio Cable
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Tellurium Q Black Diamond USB Audio Cable

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Manufacturer:  Tellurium Q



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Tellurium Q Black Diamond USB Audio Cable

Just like all our cables the USB cables are hand built for performance in the UK. The idea that improving the digital signal path affects digital sound was frankly, laughable but is just now becoming more accepted as people hear the results. A digital signal is not just an immediate on or off, 1 or 0 as you would expect. Yes that is the way that the digital signal is read but to turn a signal on and off takes minute amounts of time and any inaccuracy in the signal path can affect this on / off information because it affects the rise time of the waveform and this is one factor that leads to errors. 

HiFi+ Review

“Perhaps the one of the strongest things the Tellurium Q cables have in their favour is their consistency, both vertically and horizontally. By that, I mean that the cables have a distinct and common sound, whether S/PDIF or USB, and they improve across the range in several important aspects, including inner detail retrieval, dynamics, and solidity of instruments in the soundstage. That rich, dark chocolate presentation gets richer and darker as you go up the lines too. It’s a consistency that is rare, and a sure sign the company behind the product is not simply ‘in it for the money’. Finally, Black Diamond USB is a true gem!”
- Nicholas Ripley, HiFi +

HiFi World Review, June 2014

“This is something that I have never experienced from laptop sourced music before.”
- Hi World 

HiFi Pig Black Diamond USB Review

“The Black Diamond is showing me a certain coherence which I haven't heard from a USB cable before and I have had some excellently rated and sounding ones from the likes of….”
- Daniel Worth,


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