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Chord Electronics DAVE DAC
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 Chord Electronics DAVE DACChord Electronics DAVE DAC 

Chord Electronics DAVE DAC

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Chord Electronics DAVE DAC


Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremis

Instead of traditional off-the-shelf solutions, Chord tends to use an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in its high-end DACS and use its own software to do all the number crunching. And DAVE is no different.

Chord's newest arrival also features a high-grade filter with enhanced processing powers and full high-res audio support, including DSD and DXD files up to 768kHz.

Many of you will be familiar with Chord's traditional casework styling - it's precision-milled from aircraft-grade aluminium. The case features a full-sized LCD display and "rotary encoder' with a large stainless steel controller.

The press release also points out that the specifications include two ultra-high-speed digital coaxial outputs, for "future, unannounced Chord Electronics products".

At its heart lies a new (and in electronics terms, huge) LX75 version of the Spartan 6 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The FPGA’s extraordinary capability enables a number of key sonic benefits including significantly improved timing and the best noise-shaper performance of any known DAC. DAVE’s technology delivers music with unmatched reality and musicality, with an unrivalled timing response. 

A key benefit over its predecessor is a full-sized LCD display, showing input, sample frequency and volume, plus set-up and configuration options. The display, which sits behind the famous Chord porthole, is clearly visible from a variety of angles and retains the signature colour display for volume and sample rate as introduced by the landmark Hugo DAC/headphone amp. On its fascia, DAVE also features a rotary encoder with a large stainless steel controller and ball buttons, enabling direct interactivity in addition to the supplied remote control. 

DAVE’s advanced technology is enshrined in Chord Electronics’ trademark casework which has been precision-milled from solid aircraft-grade aluminium to deliver functional strength and rigidity, as well as great beauty. Simply stated, DAVE is the most advanced DAC in the world, something Chord Electronics is immensely proud of. 



  • USB B-style 44 kHz to 768 kHz DXD and Quad DSD 
  • 2x optical - 44kHz to 192kHz
  • 1 x AES - 44kHz to 192kHz
  • 4 x Coax - 44kHz to 384kHz 
  • Dual-data mode available 

Outputs digital:

  • 2x ultra-high-speed coax 768kHz dual-data mode (for use with future-unannounced Chord Electronics products) 
  • Maximum output voltage: 6 volts RMS
  • THD and noise at 2.5 volts: RMS 0.000015 %
  • THD and noise at 2.5 volts: 127dBA Awt (124dBA into 33 ohms) Dynamic range at -60 dBFS 1kHz -127 dBA A wt
  • (No measurable noise floor modulation, no a harmonic distortion) (Analogue distortion characteristic: no distortion for small signals) Power requirements: mains power 80 volts to 260 volts; AC 20 watts 


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