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AVM Ovation PA8 Pre amplifier
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AVM Ovation PA8 Pre amplifier

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Manufacturer:  AVM


AVM Ovation MA8.2/SA8.2 Stereo Power Amplifier

Available in silver or black

The PA8 is designed as the uncompromised center of the music system and built for music reproduction on the highest level. To achieve this, complex and lavish circuit designs have been created. To bring these concepts to the maximum performance, only the best available parts and components that are selected and fine-tune them further before the assembly in house. All this serves only one task: Making the music enjoyment an emotional pleasure for music lovers with highest demands. Based on its modular concept the PA8 serves this in an ideal fashion. Music lovers of all schools, Vinyl lovers, tube fans, digital fans all find the PA8 as an ideal playing partner that may configured from the beginning on. And when the demands change or expectations rise, the PA8 will grow with it.

The PA8 features a vast array of possible adjustments and may be operated intuitively and easy. All functions for the daily use are easily accessible. On/Off, volume up/down and a little more. Special function or one-time-set-uos are accessible via several expert menus. Last but not least the beautiful RC3 is always included.

Uncompromised sound

When designing the PA8 it’s sonic qualities were the only top priority. The well thought out circuit topology serves as a base for fine-tuning the sonic capabilities of all components in the PA8. Stretching from the power supply to the single components of all modules, every part has been carefully tested and selected for it’s sonic perfection. And we were only happy when everything harmonized perfectly with the complete unit. Our ideal of a warm, energetic and detailed sound are achieved with the PA8.


The PA8 is of a completely modular design and has an internal bus system: In and outputs maybe configured to your personal liking and necessities. Smallest details require enormous attention when it comes to reaching optimal results. In order to achieve this only golden conductor leads are applied on the PCBs. All signal paths are optimized for minimum lengths. The arrangement of components on the circuit boards is on of the most critical jobs during the designing process and may only optimized when all experience is put into place. All connectors between the modules are also gold plated. Audio signals and command signal are carefully separated and radically shielded against each other.

Also striking is the idea to send audio signals across the PA8 with full gain level and fully balanced. The volume control only takes place on the output boards-right in front of the output driver stages. This unique concept enables the PA to operate under controlled conditions and supports suppression of distortions. This intelligent concept helps the PA to its outstanding sonic performance.


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