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PS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal Regenerator
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PS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal RegeneratorPS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal RegeneratorPS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal Regenerator
PS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal RegeneratorPS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal Regenerator

PS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal Regenerator

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Manufacturer:  PS Audio

PS Audio LANRover USB Transporter Signal Regenerator

LANRover is like the Power Plant of digital audio—cleaning, isolating, regenerating and newly formatting USB musical data, a process that dramatically improves audio performance with any DAC. In addition to improving USB audio, LANRover can physically separate your computer or music server from the sound system. USB audio signals, which rapidly degrade over distance, can now be sent from any room in your home to any other without loss of performance. In fact, LANRover significantly improves performance of any USB source for any musical signal, regardless of distance.

Easy to install, no drivers or computer experience necessary.

Please note: This product is currently not compatible with Windows 10. We will remove this note once it is Compatible

We love the freedom USB audio affords, but few among us are satisfied with its performance.

Connecting computers or music servers to DACs is problematic because USB, which connects the two together, has a number of limitations—chief among them, compromised sound quality.

LANRover is a breakthrough product that solves the persistent problems and shortcomings of USB audio. Placed between the computer and your DAC, LANRover regenerates newly formed packets of 2-way data that separates the noisy computer or server from the sensitive DAC—becoming an indispensable element in any high-end audio chain. Once installed, you’ll no longer need (or want) any other product in your music’s path.

Jitter and power supply noise, sometimes data losses, challenge even the most carefully designed DACs to sound their best when connected to USB. Further, USB is a fragile 2-way transmission medium with a maximum length of 5 meters permitted before it is unusable. The longer the cable, the greater the degradation. Even the quality of an appropriate length USB cable matters. Customers spend hundreds of dollars for the best available in the hopes of reducing these failings to acceptable levels.

Computing platforms are noisy and jittered environments, rarely optimized for digital audio, which is why ancillary software products like Audirvana, Bit Perfect, and Amarra—as well as hardware accessories that attempt to clean up the interface are so popular.

The PS Audio LANRover solves this fundamental interface issue entirely and, at the same time, offers the freedom to isolate the computer or music server in one room of the home, and the DAC in any other—all without compromise.

Setup is as easy as it gets. LANRover is a matched pair: one near the computer, the other near the DAC, and separated by Ethernet cabling (CAT 5 or 6), or a home router. No additional software or drivers are necessary. For a computer or music server in the same room as the DAC, simply disconnect the existing USB cable (between the computer and DAC) and insert the LANRover pair, separated by any length of Ethernet cabling. If the computer or server’s in another room, the same setup applies, separated by a wired home router (like the one you use for your internet connection).

It’s easy, simple, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. Truly a component you’ll not be able to live without once installed.

Bottom line. Until you regenerate and isolate USB audio with LANRover, you’ve no idea just how good your computer audio system can sound.

  • Regenerates, cleans, and reclocks USB audio data
  • Galvanically isolates DAC from computer or music server
  • Buffers and retimes audio data irrespective of computer or server
  • Removes any need for separating 5V from USB cable
  • Eliminates computer jitter
  • Removes computer digital and power supply noise
  • Increases possible distance between computer and DAC from a maximum of 5 meters to 100 meters
  • Works over home LAN router
  • Place computer or music server in one room and DAC in any other
  • Dramatically enhances sound quality of USB audio
  • Works with PCM or DSD audio
  • PCM to 352kHz, single or double rate DSD
  • Requires no additional software
  • Works with any installed USB driver
  • Windows, Linux and Mac compatible

There are two ways to take advantage of LANRover’s unique capabilities. First, as an isolation regenerator between the computer and DAC. This method will likely be the most common used. Existing computer/server applications employing USB cables connecting to computers are commonplace in high-end audio rooms and all benefit from rebuilding the critical interface with LANRover.

Supplied with LANRover’s matched pair of chassis are two cables: a one foot CAT5 and a one meter USB. The short CAT5 cable connects the regenerator/transmitter and the receiver together as shown in the pictures. Installation is simple. If you have a working DAC/computer setup now, simply insert the LANRover pair and resume your listening without interruption. LANRover’s regenerator/transmitter, which connects to the computer, is also powered by the computer. LANRover’s receiver is powered by an included +5V DC supply—since once regenerated, all connection to the computer are gone.

If you are currently using a longer USB cable, or would like to locate the computer away from the DAC, but in the same room, there are few restrictions. Simply run a CAT5 cable of any length (up to 300 feet) between the LANRover’s two devices. This allows an easy means of isolating noisy computers from sensitive DACs.

If the computer is in another room and you have a wired home network, it is easy enough to plug the regenerator/transmitter near your computer into the home’s network router. LANRover is one of a very few such devices capable of sending high-resolution audio over a home network without issue. LANRover is the only audio-specific USB network device on the market today—and it is capable of PCM up to 352kHz and double rate DSD.

LANRover has been worked on by both PS Engineering and our partner company, who developed its groundbreaking technology, for well over a year. And our CEO, Paul McGowan, has been hoarding his personal LANRover in Music Room One for even longer—unwilling to share with anyone. While our partners are experts in IT, they needed a lot of handholding when it came to audio and its delivery without compromise to a DAC. It was a fruitful partnership.

LANRover will forever change the way your computer/DAC interface works and sounds. Improvements must be heard to be fully understand. Whatever your preconceptions of add-on accessories designed to help isolate and improve USB audio, LANRover must be considered on its own and in a class all its own.

Once installed, LANRover is unlikely to ever leave.

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