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Meridian MSR+ Learning Remote Control - Black
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 Meridian MSR+ Learning Remote Control - BlackMeridian MSR+ Learning Remote Control - Black 

Meridian MSR+ Learning Remote Control - Black

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Meridian MSR+ Learning Remote Control - Black

An advanced backlit, programmable remote control with comprehensive commands allowing you to control Meridian or other equipment.

Meridian MSR+ is an advanced learning/programmable remote control that provides a comprehensive range of commands to allow you to control every product in your Meridian system straight out of the box.

About the MSR+

You can also program the MSR+ to control your other equipment. The MSR+ provides a total of 51 keys to give access to all the most frequently used commands of your Meridian products, and a Function (or shift) key for additional less frequently needed operations.

Interchangeable Keys

For easy source selection, the MSR+ provides 12 source keys corresponding to the sources provided by the Meridian digital surround controllers, preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers. The MSR+ is provided with a selection of alternative keycaps for the source keys which you can use to match the particular combination of units in your system.

Control Other Equipment

The MSR+ is pre-programmed to mimic the remote controls for many popular audio and video products from other manufacturers, and you can configure it to control up to nine other products simply by entering the appropriate device code on the numeric keypad.

Learning commands

Even if you own a product that is not supported by the device library built in to the MSR+, it includes a learning mode which allows it to learn up to 120 commands from other remote controls and assign them to a key on the MSR+. The most flexible way of programming the MSR+ is to learn from your product’s own remote control which gives you the flexibility to assign any command to a chosen key. The MSR+ can learn up to 120 commands. If you try to program more than this the indicator will flash six times and the MSR+ exits from learning mode. You can also use learning to add commands additional to those provided by the device library.


For convenience the MSR+ keypad is backlit, so you can use it even in low-light conditions. The backlight automatically turns on as soon as you press a key in low light conditions. The MSR+ will have a battery life of over six months under normal conditions; slightly less if you use the backlight frequently.


The remote is finished with a black anodised upper case giving it a neat and clear layout. MSR+ is operated by four AA batteries which are supplied with the remote. It is compatible with the 500 series, Meridian Audio systems and can control non-Meridian systems.

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