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Nordost Vidar Cable Burn In Service
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Nordost Vidar Cable Burn In Service

FREE to customers who purchase cables from us

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Manufacturer:  Nordost


Nordost Vidar Cable Burn In Service

  • We are now offering a cable burn-in service on the brand new Nordost VIDAR machine. This service is available for any manufacturers cables.
  • New cables can sound brittle, bright and lacking in detail. Normal burn in procedure with your Hi-Fi system can take weeks or months. The Vidar will allow your cables to achieve maximum performance immediately
  • Simply send us your cables and we will do the rest. Your cables will be returned by recorded delivery.
  • Analogue Seduction offer a free cable burn in service on all new Interconnects or Speaker cables purchased from us with a value of £300.00 or more.
  • For customers who require their existing cables to be burnt in. The prices are as follows.
  • FREE to customers who purchase cables from us
  • £34.99 for 4 days 96 hours
  • £46.99 for 5 days 120 hours
  • £57.99 for 7 days 168 hours
VIDAR has been designed and developed to obtain the very best performance from audio and video cables.
Nordost has been researching the effects of burn-in on cables for years and the resultant internationally acclaimed success has now allowed for the development of the next stage in the quest for the ultimate reference in audio and video reproduction. The VIDAR is an elegant solution which raises cable performance to a new level

How the VIDAR works

The VIDAR is a professional console with multiple top-mounted input and output connections which allow a variety of cables to be burned-in. It will burn-in loudspeaker cables, analog and digital interconnects, video cables and tone-arm cables. The unit has a timer function which allows cables to be burned-in for up to one week.

The VIDAR combines three different functions in one operation

1) It neutralizes spurious charges that build up around the cables and the insulation.

2) It provides a very wide band and deep conditioning into the conductor core, which produces changes in the way signals pass through the metal.

3) It ultrasonically conditions the surface of the conductors.

This new VIDAR burn-in service will is only available exclusively from authorized Nordost dealers. No matter how long one burns-in cables in a hi-fi system, they will never sound as good as cables burned-in on a VIDAR. This is due to the use of complex signal patterns which stress the cable in a particular way”

During normal use, there is a leakage current from electrical equipment which causes the cable to take on a charge; cable conditioning will neutralize this charge. New cables often have very high levels of electrical charge caused by the production process. In addition, gases are often trapped between the insulation and the conductor during manufacture. This can often result in new cables sounding brittle, bright and lacking in detail. These charges must be neutralized if a cable is to ever achieve its maximum performance

The VIDAR can burn in any digital audio, analogue audio, or video interconnect.

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