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Walker Audio Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System

Walker Audio Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System


"Absolutely spectacular" - Keith Jarrett, world-renown musician!

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Manufacturer:  Walker Audio

** Absolutely superb **

Walker Audio Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System

The Walker Audio Prelude Record Cleaning System can be used with any vacuum record cleaning machine. This Active Enzyme Record Cleaning System will result in a cleaner, more transparent soundstage, with better harmonics and improved dynamics, top to bottom! Stunning!

We have been cleaning our records for years. We believe it is a vital step in getting the best sound reproduction quality possible from a vinyl LP. For years we were satisfied with the available products and even recommended them. Walker Audios thinking changed when they began to talk to chemists and others about the use of enzymes.

They learned that for enzymes to be effective they must be alive...but they are quite fragile. They began to experiment with enzymes and various cleaning solutions to find out for themselves if it really made a difference. And, it does! That is why we are pleased to introduce Prelude to audiophiles who know and appreciate that analogue is still the pinnacle of recorded playback and who want to maximize their listening experience.

Walker use medical grade cleaning agents that thoroughly clean your record, yet leave no residue and contain no abrasives to harm your records. Prelude is designed to work with your vacuum record-cleaning machine.

With Prelude, you will hear a cleaner, more transparent soundstage, with better harmonics and improved dynamics, top to bottom. You will hear things you never heard before; even on LPs you’ve listened to many times. There are more nuances, more life, and more music in the recording than you know and Prelude will reveal them to you while establishing a more natural space for the performers to exist within.



Brush Kit:
Walker Audio created a special three-brush record cleaning kit specifically for the Prelude Record Cleaning System. The kit features a separate brush for each step to prevent cross-contamination. The brushes contain a small triangle below the words "Record Cleaning Brush" that point to one side of the brush. The brushes are directional and should be positioned so that the record spins into the arrow.

Prelude Step 4 High Resolution Rinse and Step 4 Brush:
The Prelude Step 4 is a special high resolution rinse that is the final step in the Prelude record cleaning process. It gets down deeper into the grooves and removes any remaining contaminants. The improvement in the sound is startling. We never expected this much improvement was possible. It is amazing how much information an LP contains.

You could spend much, much (10x) more money and time on other aspects of your system and never get this level of improvement. We guarantee your satisfaction and believe you will be thrilled with the results. If you want everything an LP can give you, you must try Prelude Step 4 as part of your record-cleaning process.

Quartet Kit Includes:
• 64 oz. Ultra Pure Laboratory Grade Water
• 16 oz Ultra Pure Laboratory Grade Water
• 16 oz. Pre-Mixed Cleaning Solution
• 16 oz Step 4 High Resolution Rinse
• 2 oz. Concertrated, Active Enzymes
• 4 oz. Empty Bottle
• 2 Measuring Scoops
Brush Kit: (Included in the Deluxe & Quartet Kits Only)
• Brush 1 for Enzyme Cleaning Solution
• Brush 2 for Premixed Cleaning Solution
• Brush 3 for Ultra Pure Water Rinse
• Brush 4 for Step 4 HR Rinse

Product Reviews:
"Absolutely spectacular"
- Keith Jarrett, world-renown musician!

"...absolutely the best thing I've ever heard for cleaning LPs, bar none! ...runs rings around all previous products I've heard... this miraculous product can transform your vinyl listening experience. Run, do not walk... and jump on this!" - Positive Feedback Online Issue 28

"The Prelude Record Cleaning System is a revolutionary product, the most advanced LP wash I've come across. Designed to disclose the hidden layers buried deep within the grooves, it dredges up vast quantities of detail. Prelude-enhanced LPs sound dramatically open, allowing you to step into the performance space...The one-two punch of Prelude wash followed by the Talisman delivers a knockout." - Marchall Nack, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 30, March 2007

"The final proof of its effectiveness was on my cartridge stylus. I normally clean the needle after every side with a Zerodust Stylus Cleaner, but decided to play several sides to see if there would be a build-up of gunk on the needle. Interestingly, even under a jeweler's eyepiece, there was absolutely no junk even after 10 sides. So the solution is removing most if not all of the contaminants from the record grooves... That was enough for me. While my previous cleaning fluids did an excellent job of getting rid of grease and grime and surface noise, this three-step process certainly has improved on their efficacy. Using an operating microscope I have in my office, one can actually see the difference in the cleanliness of the grooves compared to records treated with my other solutions. Wish I could take a picture of the microscopy to actually show you the difference... Prelude is now my cleaning fluid of choice. Lloyd's done it again." - Bill Gaw, EnjoytheMusic AA May 2007 


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