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Audiophile Base Vibration Control Platform
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Audiophile Base Vibration Control Platform

Offers improved bass extension, speed and clarity

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Manufacturer:  Audiophile Base


Audiophile Base Vibration Control Platform

Audiophile Base platforms provide the best working conditions for your system and consequently the basis for enjoyable music

The Platform uses a unique patented suspension system to dissipate external and internal energies acting on hi-fi and home-cinema components, with a resulting benefit to sound and visual reproduction.

The audible effects of unwanted vibrations acting upon electrical components within audio equipmentare now fully recognised. An effective support for audio equipment should be regarded as an essential component before consideration of accessories.
These vibrations are generated by energy introduced into the listening room by loudspeakers and transferred to the room structure and contents. Additionally, transformers and motors also generate vibrational energy, this time directly within the audio components.

There are two approaches for dealing with these problems adopted by support systems in common Firstly the high mass, rigid support coupled to the floor by spikes or cones and, secondly, the light-weight support often offering some level of compliance.

In practice, the first approach appears to work best with some equipment whilst the second benefits other components.

The 'BASE Platform' provides a novel suspension system, as confirmed by the Patents for the design, offering an alternative universally successful support. The mechanics can be compared with the more familiar suspension system comprising a spring and damper.

Compliant beams (the springs) are each supported by two feet and allowed to cantilever at each end. The beam is continuously bonded to a selected elastomeric strip (the damper) which, in turn, is fully bonded to the support platform allowing movement in the beam and deflection under the loading of supported equipment.

This assembly effectively damps low order vibration over a wide frequency range. When a BASE Platform is inserted between audio equipment and a support table the structure borne vibration energy is controlled. This is particularly evident from reproduced bass extension, 'speed' and

The overall sonic improvement offers wonderfully natural tonal characteristics, superb imaging and a dynamic, detailed presentation of transients even into the lowest bass frequencies.

Available in the following sizes to suit your equipment:

  • Base A01  350mm x 350mm
  • Base 01    430mm x 360mm
  • Base 02    475mm x 425mm 
  • Base 04    450mm x 550mm
  • Base 05    550mm x 450mm 



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