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WBT-0702.11 Topline Signature 4mm Pole Terminal
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WBT-0702.11 Topline Signature 4mm Pole Terminal

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Manufacturer:  WBT


WBT-0702.11 Signature 4mm Pole Terminal

Pack of 2 (1 Red & 1 White)

Comparable in design as the WBT-0702.01, except it is manufactured using cold rolled 68% copper alloy. The connector is then plated with a single layer of 24k Gold to protect against oxidation. Finally, it is polished by hand to give a brilliant finish.

  • Extremely high contact pressure thanks to fine thread and milled grooves
  • Pat. clamping mechanism for 4 mm banana plugs
  • Solder or crimp connection with Torx screw
  • 24 carat direct gold plating (nickel-free)
  • Max. constant current 100 A
  • Twist-proof mounting
  • Puzzle plate system

Superb mechanical properties, solid design and two separate clamping nuts ensure high contact pressure and hence consistently low transition resistance levels – the precondition for absolutely minimum effects on sound quality. The elegant design of the pole terminal is further enhanced by the shiny gold-plated surface that reliably prevents corrosion. The terminal is polished prior to gold-plating, creating an extremely robust and abrasion-proof surface.

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