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Thelonious Monk - In Italy - Vinyl LP (ACV2044)
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Thelonious Monk - In Italy - Vinyl LP (ACV2044)

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Thelonious Monk - In Italy - Vinyl LP (ACV2044)

A famous European set from Thelonious Monk - recorded early in the 60s with his famous quartet that included Charlie Rouse on tenor! Rouse is already amazing - really stretching out in these modern, angular lines that are quite different than any of his recordings a few years before - a perfect match for the inventive piano of Monk, as would later be demonstrated on a host of classic studio recordings. There's an open, spontaneous energy between the pair in this live setting, though - almost like they're working out new ideas, but doing so perfectly - with the bass of John Ore and drums of Frankie Dunlop to round things out.

Recorded Live in Milan April 21, 1961.


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