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R.E.M - Accelerate 2 x 45 RPM Vinyl LP
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R.E.M - Accelerate 2 x 45 RPM Vinyl LP

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R.E.M - Accelerate 2 x 45 RPM Vinyl LP

Catalogue number 418620-1

Accelerate, the first studio album in four years from R.E.M., finds the musical pioneers returning to the stripped-down, guitar-driven power that they made their name on. Helmed by the band and for the first time, Jacknife Lee (co-producer of U2’s 2005 Grammy Album of the Year How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb), Accelerate revitalizes alternative rock, a genre the band helped invent.


"I feel like there's a confidence in the material, and a communication between the three of us that hasn't been there for some time," frontman Michael Stipe said about Accelerate's upcoming release. "We didn't talk to each other for a couple of records -- as friends or as bandmates. And we reached a point before this LP where we just sat down at a table and hashed it out."




Side 1

1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge

2. Man-Sized Wreath

3. Supernatural Superserious

Side 2

1. Hollow Man

2. Houston

3. Accelerate

Side 3

1. Until The Day Is Done

2. Mr. Richards

Side 4

1. Sing For The Submarine

2. Horse To Water

3. I'm Gonna DJ 

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