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Roy Orbison - Monument Single Collection 2 x Vinyl LP

Roy Orbison - Monument Single Collection 2 x Vinyl LP

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Roy Orbison - The Monument Singles Collection (1960-1964) Double 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Roy Orbison is often credited with having one of the most powerful voices in Rock ‘n Roll. He certainly had one of the most distinctive ones; yet his operatic quavering and impressive range were used to portray a quiet and desperate vulnerability that was foreign to most of his rebelling, sex, drugs & rock’n’roll contemporaries. This vulnerability is probably why he was so very popular in the ‘60s, and why after a dip of almost twenty years he could easily reclaim his prominence in the ‘80s. When David Lynch (in)famously used his song ‘In Dreams’ in Blue Velvet the public – and Roy himself – learned that there was a different side to his sultryness, and interest in his music was renewed.

A1 Uptown 02:04
A2 Only The Lonely 02:24
A3 Blue Angel 02:42
A4 I'm Hurtin' 02:46
A5 Running Scared 02:09
A6 Lana 02:17
A7 Crying 02:44
A8 Let The Good Times Roll 02:30
A9 Blue Bayou 02:29
A10 Dream Baby 02:32

B1 The Crowd 02:22

B2 Working For The Man 02:26
B3 In Dreams 02:47
B4 Falling 02:22
B5 It's Over 02:47
B6 Oh, Pretty Woman 02:56
B7 Goodnight 02:29
B8 Pretty Paper 02:44
B9 (Say) You're My Girl 02:45
B10 Paper Boy 02:09

C1 Pretty One 02:16

C2 Here Comes That Song Again 02:42
C3 Today's Teardrops 02:12
C4 I Can't Stop Loving You 02:42
C5 Love Hurts 02:26
C6 Summer Song 02:44
C7 Candy Man 02:43
C8 Mean Woman Blues 02:23
C9 The Actress 02:37
C10 Mama 03:00

D1 Leah 02:40

D2 Shahdaroba 02:39
D3 Distant Drums 03:10
D4 Indian Wedding 03:03
D5 Yo Te Amo Maria 03:15
D6 Only With You 02:18
D7 Beautiful Dreamer 02:18
D8 Sleepy Hollow 02:36
D9 With The Bug 02:27

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