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Metallica - Ride the Lightning - Vinyl LP (BKND004-1)
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Metallica - Ride the Lightning - Vinyl LP (BKND004-1)

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Metallica - Ride the Lightning  - Vinyl LP

Catalogue number BLCKND004-1

Metallica turned the metal world on its ear with their debut album, Kill 'Em All and then blew its mind with the follow-up, Ride The Lightning. The riffs and arrangements are more intricate, the lyrics are more intelligent and biting and James Hetfield's growl is meaner.
"…even listeners that know these platters back-to-front are in for a shock not dissimilar to the surprise they received when the Bay Area group went soft in the 90s. Only, unlike the latter, this transformation is welcome. Instrumental detail, body, and presence are jaw-droppingly grand. Soundstage dimensions are super-quiet. And the previously inhibiting compression has been lifted." – Bob Gendron, The Absolute Sound, August 2008



1.   Fight Fire With Fire
2.   Ride The Lightning
3.   For Whom The Bell Tolls
4.   Fade To Black
5.   Trapped Under Ice
6.   Escape
7.   Creeping Death
8.   The Call Of Ktulu

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