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Levin Brothers - Levin Brothers Vinyl LP
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Levin Brothers - Levin Brothers Vinyl LP

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Levin Brothers - Levin Brothers Vinyl LP

Catalogue number LAZ053PMI

 "We grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, where we were trained in Classical music from a young age. But we also loved the 1950's recordings by jazz bassist Oscar Pettiford and jazz French horn player Julius Watkins; and those have remained influential, even as we went on to other playing. The catchy melodies, deep grooves, and tight solos made that music memorable, and it's been percolating for years for us to do an album of our own in that style.

     "The two of us have crossed musical paths many times over the last decades, having toured together with Paul Simon, and played in each others groups and albums; but we've never done a Levin Brothers album 'til now, and it's pretty special for us..."


1. Bassics
2. Brothers
3. Mysterioso
4. Not So Square Dance
5. Jumpin Jammies
6. Cello in the Night
7. Havana
8. Special Delivery
9. I Got Your Bach
10. Matte Kudasai (King Crimson cover)
11. Ostropolya
12. Gimme Some Scratch
13. I Remember
14. When Sasha Gets the Blues

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