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Jessica 6 - See The Light Vinyl LP
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Jessica 6 - See The Light Vinyl LP

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Jessica 6 - See The Light Vinyl LP

Peacefrog Records - PFG 146
New York City’s Jessica 6 (Hercules and Love Affair) creates soul music in its purest form, no matter the tempo. Their debut album, See The Light, moves from pulsating electronic sheen to uncompromisingly rugged R&B, and back again.

Equal parts high-fashion and street smarts, lead singer Nomi Ruiz’ seductive, gut wrenching vocals are matched by her spellbinding style. Her lyrics create a world full of enraptured lovers, endless nights, fame-seekers, and broken hearts. Bassist Andrew Raposo and keyboardist Morgan Wiley deftly meld disco, hip-hop, electro and classic house, commanding you to dance while simultaneously making your heart sink.

See The Light opens with a classic-in-waiting, the behemoth of a single, “White Horse,” that forces you to move like a witch doctor would. “Prisoner Of Love,” bridges electro and freestyle, featuring a soaring vocal melody that finds Nomi and guest vocalist Antony weaving their voices around each other to a stunning effect. “Champagne Bubbles” is the kind of gritty R&B that isn’t afraid to be as angry as it is melancholic, its piano flourishes punctuated with a heavy kick and snare. Their debut single “Fun Girl,” a tale of desperation, fame and money, has a sinister keyboard melody that underscores the lyrics.

With See The Light, Jessica 6 have created a raw portrait of life in the city and of all the highs and lows that come with it.

1.  White Horse
2.  See The Light
3.  Prisoner Of Love feat. Antony
4.  Hegarty
5.  In The Heat
6.  Jessica Jessica
7.  Freak The Night
8.  Good To Go
9.  Fun Girl
10. Not Anymore
11. Champagne Bubbles/Remember
12. When
13. Blessed Mother
14. U-Motion
15. Stars In Your Eyes

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