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Jacob Lateiner & Guests - Heifetz-Platigorsky Concert Vinyl LP IMP6025
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Jacob Lateiner & Guests - Heifetz-Platigorsky Concert Vinyl LP IMP6025

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Jacob Lateiner & Guests - Heifetz-Platigorsky Concert Vinyl LP IMP6025

Two friends, virtuosos without peer, get together in their living rooms to perform music by some of their favorite composers. Beethoven. Haydn. Rosza. Turin. Not for money or fame. For their friends. For each other. One day, they decide to put their favorite collaborations down on tape. Impex Records proudly presents an LP and SACD of the same uncompromising sonic and production standards of the artists themselves: Heifetz-Piatigorsky Concerts.

The, LP, mastered from analog master tapes by Kevin Gray and Robert Pincus, is a testament to the verisimilitude of the recording engineers, the artists and the vinyl-analog playback medium. Details emerge from a tightly focused soundstage. Sonority is precise and natural. On the orchestral pieces by Haydn and Miklos Rosza addorning side 2, the tone is creamy and melifluous. All in all, these are uncanny recordings of a profound musical event, deep in emotion and the ties of friendship.

Be one of a fortunate few who will possess the rewards of such an unmatched musical friendship.


Side 1 - Beethoven: Piano Trio, Op. 1 No. 1

  • 1. 1st Movement, Allegro
  • 2. 2nd Movement, Adagio cantabile
  • 3. 3rd Movement, Allegro assai 4. 4th Movement, Finale: Presto

Side 2 - Haydn (orchestrated by Ingolf Dahl): Divertimento for Cello and Orchestra

  • 1. 1st movement, Adagio
  • 2. 2nd Movement, Menuet
  • 3. 3rd Movement, Allegro di molto
  • 4. Rosza: Tema con Variazioni (for Violin, Cello and Orchestra)

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