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J. J. Cale - Collected 3 x 180g Vinyl LP Set (MOVLP1432)
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J. J. Cale - Collected 3 x 180g Vinyl LP Set (MOVLP1432)

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J. J. Cale - Collected 3 x 180g Vinyl LP Set (MOVLP1432)

J. J Cale - Collected, the ultimate J.J. Cale collection from 2006, is bound to become a highlight of Music On Vinyl's catalog.

This American cult legend has turned his laidback style into a trademark. J.J. Cale has forged an inspiring career that spans four decades. He received his first major exposure in 1970 thanks to Eric Clapton, who turned J.J. Cale's "After Midnight" into a hit song overnight. A few years later, Clapton repeated the trick with "Cocaine".

But the legacy of J.J. Cale has much more to offer: now collected on three 180 gram LPs chock full of rootsy Americana songs that will stay in the back of your head long after you turned off the record player. This ultimate collection also contains an 8-page booklet with exclusive pictures and liner notes.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • 10mm sleeve
  • printed innersleeves
  • 8 page booklet includes exclusive pics and new linernotes
  • Includes 49 of his best songs



A1 After Midnight (2:23)
A2 Crazy Mama (2:28)
A3 Call Me the Breeze (2:36)
A4 Magnolia (3:25)
A5 Crying Eyes (3:13)
A6 Lies (2:56)
A7 I'll Kiss the World Goodbye (1:49)
A8 If You're Ever in Oklahoma (2:05)
A9 Changes (2:26)

B1 Crying (2:36)
B2 Cajun Moon (2:15)
B3 Okie (1:59)
B4 Anyway the Wind Blows (3:23)
B5 Cocaine (2:53)
B6 Travelin' Light (2:50)
B7 Hey Baby (3:17)
B8 Cherry (3:21)
B9 You Got Something (4:00)

C1 I'll Make Love to You Anytime (3:10)
C2 Don't Cry Sister (2:11)  
C3 Sensitive Kind (5:09)  
C4 Thirteen Days (2:48)  
C5 Mona (3:18)  
C6 Carry On (2:22)  
C7 Mama Don't (3:51)  
C8 If You Leave Her (2:40)

D1 City Girls (2:49)  
D2 Don't Wait (3:10)  
D3 Downtown L.A. (2:27)  
D4 Devil in Disguise (2:03)  
D5 Grasshopper (1:35)  
D6 Money Talks (4:18)  
D7 Hard Times (3:53)  
D8 Teardrops in My Tequila (2:17)  
D9 Trouble in the City (3:24)

E1 Change Your Mind (2:26)  
E2 Lady Luck (2:42)  
E3 Lonesome Train (3:07)
E4 Jailer (2:44)  
E5 Borrowed Time (4:11)  
E6 Low Down (2:48)
E7 Guitar Man (4:02)
E8 Stone River (3:43)

F1 The Problem (4:32)  
F2 Midnight in Memphis (4:25)  
F3 Woke Up This Morning (3:27)  
F4 Durango (5:30)
F5 Things Ain't Simple (2:50)
F6 Santa Cruz (3:30)

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