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Bjork - Voltaic, 3x 200g Vinyl LP, 2 DVDs & 2 CDs

Bjork - Voltaic, 3x 200g Vinyl LP, 2 DVDs & 2 CDs

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Bjork - Voltaic, 3x 200g Vinyl LP Box Set, with 2 DVDs and 2 CDs

A celebration of ‘Volta’ revisited, including two CDs and two DVDs featuring live material, videos and remixes.
Four disc celebration of ‘Volta’ revisited:
· Disc 1 (CD): Songs From The Volta Tour.
· Disc 2 (DVD): The Volta Tour ‘Live In Paris’ /
‘Live In Reykjavik’.
· Disc 3 (DVD): The Volta Videos (plus the top ten runners up in the competition for fans to provide a video for the Bjork track ‘Innocence’).
· Disc 4 (CD): The Volta Mixes.
A must for any fan. The live material featured here is only available in this box set. Vinyl version includes three heavyweight 12”s in
addition to the two CDs and two DVDs and is strictly limited to 5000 copies.



Disc 1
1. Wanderlustlive at Olympic Studios
2. Hunterlive at Olympic Studios
3. Pleasure Is All Mine, Thelive at Olympic Studios
4. Innocencelive at Olympic Studios
5. Army Of Melive at Olympic Studios
6. I Miss Youlive at Olympic Studios
7. Earth Intruderslive at Olympic Studios
8. All Is Full Of Lovelive at Olympic Studios
9. Pagan Poetrylive at Olympic Studios
10. Vertebrae By Vertebrae
11. Declare Independence

Disc 2
1. Earth Intruders Xxxchange remix
2. InnocenceSimian Mobile Disco remix
3. Declare Independence Matthew Herbert remix
4. Wanderlust Ratatat remix
5. Dull Flame Of Desire, The Modeselektor's remix for girls
6. Earth Intruders Lexx remix

Disc 3
1. Innocence Graeme Sinden remix
2. Declare Independence Ghostdigital remix
3. Dull Flame Of Desire, TheModeselektor's remix for boys
4. Innocence Alva Noto Unitxt remix
5. Declare Independence Black Pus remix
6. InnocenceSimian Mobile Disco dub remix

Disc 4
1. Wanderlust live at Olympic Studios/CD
2. Hunterlive at Olympic Studios/CD
3. Pleasure Is All Mine, The live at Olympic Studios/CD
4. Innocence live at Olympic Studios/CD
5. Army Of Me live at Olympic Studios/CD
6. I Miss Youlive at Olympic Studios/CD
7. Earth Intruders live at Olympic Studios/CD
8. All Is Full Of Love live at Olympic Studios/CD
9. Pagan Poetry live at Olympic Studios/CD
10. Vertebrae By Vertebrae live at Olympic Studios/CD
11. Declare Independence live at Olympic Studios/CD

Disc 5
1. Earth Intruders Xxxchange remix/CD
2. Innocence Simian Mobile Disco remix/CD
3. Declare Independence Matthew Herbert remix/CD
4. Wanderlust Ratatat remix/CD
5. Dull Flame Of Desire, The Modeselektor's remix for girls/CD
6. Earth Intruders Lexx remix/CD
7. Innocence Sinden remix/CD
8. Declare Independence Ghostdigital remix/CD
9. Dull Flame Of Desire, The Modeselektor's remix for boys/CD
10. Innocence Alva Noto Unitxt remodel/CD
11. Declare Independence Black Pus remix/CD
12. Innocence Simian Mobile Disco dub remix/CD

Disc 6
1. Brennio Pio Vitar live in Paris/DVD
2. Earth Intruders live in Paris/DVD
3. Hunter live in Paris/DVD
4. Immature live in Paris/DVD
5. Joga live in Paris/DVD
6. Pleasure Is All Mine, The live in Paris/DVD
7. Vertebrae By Vertebrae live in Paris/DVD
8. Where Is The Line live in Paris/DVD
9. Who Is It live in Paris/DVD
10. Desired Constellation live in Paris/DVD
11. Army Of Me live in Paris/DVD
12. Triumph Of A Heart live in Paris/DVD
13. Bachelorette live in Paris/DVD
14. Wanderlust live in Paris/DVD
15. Hyperballad live in Paris/DVD
16. Pluto live in Paris/DVD
17. Declare Independence live in Paris/DVD
18. Pneumonia live in Reykjavik/DVD
19. Cover Me live in Reykjavik/DVD
20. My Juvenile live in Reykjavik/DVD
21. Immature live in Reykjavik/DVD
22. Dull Flame Of Desire, The live in Reykjavik/DVD
23. Vokuro live in Reykjavik/DVD
24. Sonnets/Unrealities xi live in Reykjavik/DVD
25. Mouth's Cradle live in Reykjavik/DVD

Disc 7
1. Earth Intruders video/DVD
2. Declare Independence video/DVD
3. Innocence video/DVD
4. Wanderlust video/DVD
5. Dull Flame Of Desire, The video/DVD
6. Declare Independence making of/DVD
7. Wanderlust making of/DVD
8. Innocence video/Davood Saghiri/DVD
9. Innocence video/Dimitri Stankowicz/DVD
10. Innocence video/Etienne Strube/DVD
11. Innocence video/Julien Himmer/DVD
12. Innocence video/Laurent Labouille/DVD
13. Innocence video/Mario Caporali/DVD
14. Innocence video/Mik O O Armellino/DVD
15. Innocence video/Renato Klieger And Terracotta/DVD
16. Innocence video/Roland Matusek/DVD

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