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Suzanne Vega - Beauty & Crime 200 Gram Vinyl LP

Suzanne Vega - Beauty & Crime 200 Gram Vinyl LP

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Suzanne Vega - Beauty & Crime 200 Gram Vinyl LP

Beauty and Crime is possibly Suzanne Vega's best effort since her debut album and likely even better than the highly acclaimed "Solitude Standing". "Beauty and Crime is a lengthy meditation on the city of New York, the place she calls home. There is more than the hint of memory on Beauty & Crime. The album is dedicated to the memory of Tim, who lived on "Ludlow Street" -- the name of the set's second cut, a searing and simply moving tribute to him. Musically, this is easily her most adventurous record ever; yet it is also more accessible than any album since her debut.

The craft and care put into the songs themselves and their articulation by Vega and producer Jimmy Hogarth are amazing. The dreamy soundscape contains layers of guitars, percussion (organic, electronic and live, in one case) strings, reeds, brass, and backing singers (including daughter Ruby Froom who appears on a couple of cuts, and KT Tunstall who appears once). But it's the sound of Vega's acoustic guitar on all these songs that is unmistakably at the top and provides the album's anchor. It's important to note this, simply because it keeps these beautiful pop songs rooted in a new kind of contemporary folk that Vega was a pioneer of in the '80s. And it keeps her rooted to her own catalogue, from the beginning to the present.



Side A

1. Zepher & I

2. Ludlow Street

3. New York Is A Woman

4. Pornographer's Dream

5. Frank & Ava

6. Edith Wharton's Figurines

Side B

1. Bound

2. Unbound

3. As You Are Now

4. Angel's Doorway

5. Anniversary 

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