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Echo and the Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here Vinyl LP
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Echo and the Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here Vinyl LP

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Echo and the Bunnymen - Heaven up Here Vinyl LP

How strong and looming of an influence is Echo and the Bunnymen? Strong enough to be the one band name-dropped in a great piece of dialogue from the music-loving film High Fidelity, whereupon Jack Black's quipping record store clerk character cites the band as legitimate tastemakers for much of the cutting-edge music that happened in the late 80s and beyond. And on no record is the English quintet's greatness more apparent than on 1981's sophomore Heaven Up Here, the group's first effort to chart in the U.S. and a Top 10 smash in its native U.K.


1.  Show of Strength
2.  With a Hip
3.  Over the Wall
4.  It Was a Pleasure
5.  A Promise
6.  Heaven Up Here
7.  The Disease
8.  All My Colours
9.  No Dark Things
10.  Turquoise Days
11.  All I Want


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