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Madonna - Like A Prayer Vinyl LP

Madonna - Like A Prayer Vinyl LP

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Madonna - Like A Prayer Vinyl LP

Madonna's exquisite sense of the pop song, and suitably stylish aesthetic to match, was pushed to the hilt for 1989's LIKE A PRAYER. Sporting a bare midriff and a stylishly dark bob, she immediately set the Moral Majority up in arms with the title track's video, depicting, among other things, a black Christ and a hillside of burning crosses. The song, however, was as strong and as dazzling as the images. Before deciding on utilising a constant barrage of public sexuality over songs, Madonna made great records. Highlights here include the sexy bubble-gum of "Cherish" and the delightful "Express Yourself". Great pop to go.




Side 1

1. Like A Prayer

2. Express Yourself

3. Love Song

4. Till Death Do Us Part

5. Promise To Try

Side 2

1. Cherish

2. Dear Jessie

3. Oh Father

4. Keep It Together

5. Spanish Eyes

6. Act Of Contrition

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