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Madonna - Erotica 2 x Vinyl LP

Madonna - Erotica 2 x Vinyl LP

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Madonna - Erotica 2 x Vinyl LP

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Madonna released EROTICA around the same time she released her Sex book, and that's exactly what it sounds like. To get across the album's naughty feel, Madonna dispensed with the pop prettiness of LIKE A PRAYER and returned to her hard-core dance club roots. She and co-producer Shep Pettibone, who had made his name as a club DJ and dance remixer, craft some alluring bad-girl grooves (catch the ocean-deep bass on "Waiting") while still managing to keep things catchy. "Deeper And Deeper " is celebratory dance-pop (with a brief Latin break that nods to the music's true roots) and "Rain" stands among Madonna's major ballads. There's a strange heaviness amidst the fun, games and bondage on EROTICA, which "In This Life" goes a long way toward explaining: It's about AIDS and homophobia. At her naughtiest and most R-rated, Madonna still carries a message, and it resonates well beyond the dance floor.




Side 1

1. Erotica

2. Fever

3. Bye Bye Baby

4. Deeper and Deeper

Side 2

1. Where Life Begins

2. Bad Girl

3. Waiting

4. Thief of Hearts

Side 3

1. Words

2. Rain

3. Why's It So Bad

Side 4

1. In This Life

2. Did You Do It?

3. Secret Garden

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