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Genesis 1983 -1998 Box Set Vinyl LP - Virgin LPBOX13
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Genesis 1983 -1998 Box Set Vinyl LP - Virgin LPBOX13

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Genesis 1983 -1998 Box Set Vinyl LP - Virgin 00602537850181

Featuring Genesis' Last Four Studio Albums: Genesis (1983), Invisible Touch (1986), We Can’t Dance (1991) & Calling All Stations (1997)

Each LP has Been Remastered at Half-Speed by Miles Showell from Abbey Road Studios
Following the release of the sets Genesis: 1970 – 1975 (affectionately referred to as The Green Box by fans) and Genesis: 1976 – 1982 (The Blue Box) comes the last and final installment in the series. Genesis: 1983 – 1998 comprises the last four studio albums from the legendary band. 

Highlighting the legendary band's power trio years, 1983-1998 contains Genesis (1983), Invisible Touch (1986), We Can’t Dance (1991) and Calling All Stations (1997). The last two are double LPs in gatefold packaging, with Calling All Stations being an etched disc on side four.

This lavishly packaged set comes complete with high-end reproductions of the inner and outer sleeves, exactly as they were originally released, and each LP has been remastered at half-speed by Miles Showell, from Abbey Road Studios, and pressed onto 180 gram vinyl. 

This third box, which comes in a smart red outer casing, completes the full set that brings together all of Genesis’ studio albums on vinyl and, as with the previous two, comes with a download voucher, allowing the listener to get all of the music on MP3 at no extra cost.


1-A1    Mama    6:51
1-A2    That's All    4:26
1-A3    Home By The Sea    5:08
1-A4    Second Home By The Sea    6:07
1-B1    Illegal Alien    5:15
1-B2    Taking It All Too Hard    3:58
1-B3    Just A Job To Do    4:47
1-B4    Silver Rainbow    4:31
1-B5    It's Gonna Get Better    5:14

Invisible Touch
2-A1    Invisible Touch    3:30
2-A2    Tonight Tonight Tonight    8:54
2-A3    Land Of Confusion    4:46
2-A4    In Too Deep    5:03
2-B1    Anything She Does    4:21
Domino    (10:45)
2-B2a    Part One - In The Glow Of The Night    
2-B2b    Part Two - The Last Domino    
2-B3    Throwing It All Away    3:51
2-B4    The Brazilian    5:04

We Can't Dance
3-A1    No Son Of Mine    6:40
3-A2    Jesus He Knows Me    4:17
3-A3    Driving The Last Spike    10:09
3-B1    I Can't Dance    4:01
3-B2    Never A Time    3:50
3-B3    Dreaming While You Sleep    7:17
3-C1    Tell Me Why    4:59
3-C2    Living Forever    5:41
3-C3    Hold On My Heart    4:38
3-D1    Way Of The World    5:40
3-D2    Since I Lost You    4:10
3-D3    Fading Lights    10:27

...Calling All Stations...
4-A1    Calling All Stations    5:46
4-A2    Congo    4:53
4-A3    Shipwrecked    4:24
4-A4    Alien Afternoon    7:54
4-B1    Not About Us    4:40
4-B2    If That's What You Need    5:13
4-B3    The Dividing Line    7:45
4-B4    Uncertain Weather    5:30
4-C1    Small Talk    5:02
4-C2    There Must Be Some Other Way    7:56
4-C3    One Man's Fool    8:58


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