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Faithless - Outrospective 180 Gram Vinyl LP
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Faithless - Outrospective 180 Gram Vinyl LP

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Faithless - Outrospective 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Catalogue Number: MOVLP329 

Good for Saturday nights as well as Sunday mornings, Maxi Jazz, Rollo and Sister Bliss are the holy trinity at the centre of the U.K. electronic dance collective Faithless. 

Catapulted into fame by their 1996 banger 'Insomnia', the group went on to play almost every stage, club and festival known to man. Twice. 

Outrospective was their third and most successful album, where Maxi Jazz's trendy vicar approach and Sister Bliss & Rollo's innate sense of what makes music work reach their climax. 

It is more upbeat in tempo and emotion and has an intuitive production that emphasizes their E-flavoured spirituality to a tee. 

Featuring Dido and their biggest selling hit 'We Come One'.

Track Listing

A1 Donny X (4:07) 
A2 Not Enuff Love (5:55) 
A3 We Come 1 (8:19) 

B1 Crazy English Summer (2:43) 
B2 Muhammad Ali (4:21) 
B3 Machines R Us (3:45) 

C1 One Step Too Far (5:19) 
C2 Tarantula (6:43) 

D1 Giving Myself Away (4:41) 
D2 Code (1:36) 
D3 Evergreen (4:33) 
D4 Liontamer (5:49)



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