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Duke Ellington - Blues In Orbit 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Duke Ellington - Blues In Orbit 180 Gram Vinyl LP

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Duke Ellington - Blues In Orbit 180 gram Vinyl LP

Blues in Orbit lacks the intellectual cachet of the suites and concept pieces that loomed large in Ellington's recordings of this period, but it's an album worth tracking down, if only to hear the band run through a lighter side of its sound -- indeed, it captures the essence of a late-night recording date that was as much a loose jam as a formal studio date, balancing the spontaneity of the former and the technical polish of the latter.

Ellington and company were just back from a European tour when the bulk of this album was recorded, at one after-midnight session in New York on December 2, 1959, to arrangements that had to be hastily written out when the copyist failed to appear for the gig. So on the one hand, the band was kicking back with these shorter pieces; on the other, the group was also improvising freely and intensely at various points. The title-track, recorded more than a year before most of the rest, is a slow blues that puts Ellington's piano into a call-and-response setting with the horns, with Ellington getting in the last word.




Side 1

1. Three J's Blues

2. Smada

3. Pie Eye's Blues

4. Sweet And Pungent

5. C Jam Blues

Side 2

1. In A Mellow Tone

2. Blues In Blueprint

3. The Swingers Get The Blues Too

4. The Swinger's Jump

5. Blues In Orbit

6. Villes Ville Is The Place, Man

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