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Beth Hart - 37 Days 2 x 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Beth Hart - 37 Days 2 x 180 Gram Vinyl LP

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Beth Hart - 37 Days 2 x 180 Gram Vinyl LP

After a life of alcohol and drugs, Beth Hart felt she was at "a point where she lost the music". This conclusion was for her the moment to go into treatment for her addictions. Done with rehab and fully committed to her music, her star started to rise in Europe when she released her second album and went touring.
During these tours she wrote new numbers and soon she had enough tracks for a new album. The end result is this album.

All tracks were recorded "live" by Beth and her band. Beth chose to record the album this way after receiving numerous requests from fans and critics for an album that could convey the same emotion as her live shows did. It is a very pure record, it is filled with songs about Beth's search for love and happiness. It was released – only in Europe & Japan - in 2007. 



Side 1

1. Good As It Gets

2. Jealousy

3. One Eyed Chicken

4. Over You

Side 2

1. Sick

2. Face Forward

3. Soul Shine

4. Forever Young

Side 3

1. Easy

2. Heaven Look Down

3. Missing You

Side 4

1. Waterfalls

2. Crashing Down

3. At The Bottom


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