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Reloop RP2000USB Turntable / ADM-5 Active Speakers Complete Vinyl System
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Reloop RP2000USB Turntable / ADM-5 Active Speakers Complete Vinyl System

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Manufacturer:  Reloop

Reloop RP2000USB Turntable / ADM-5 Active Speakers Complete Vinyl System

The Reloop RP-2000 USB stands up to professional expectations thanks to its strong, quartz-driven direct drive motor; but it's price and durability also make it appealing to use at home in a hi-fi system as well as in a bedroom DJ set-up.

As opposed to belt-driven decks, the direct-drive motor transfers the engine power (torque) directly to the platter, maintaining a truer speed and quicker start/stop times. This combines with the heavy-weight chassis and robust tone arm section, that are unparalleled at this price, to create an appealing, easy to set-up turntable package. 

With it's built in phono stage the RP-2000 USB is ready to plug straight into your amplifier and with the USB port on the back of the turntable allows you to record your vinyl straight to your computer or laptop!

The package is completed by the inclusion of the Reloop OM Black cartridge, mounted onto a high-quality head shell; so you have everything you need to be playing out of the box. 

Key Features:

DJ-designed turntable with direct-drive mechanism
Powerful drive design for accurate start/stop time
Supplied with cartridge and head shell
Heavy, well-designed chassis
Integrated phono stage
USB output
Captive phono cables

The Reloop ADM-5 active monitor speakers are the perfect addition to any small audio system, whether that's a small listening room system or a DJ's home studio. The ADM-5 have been designed with space-saving in mind; yet despite their small size they still manage to deliver a powerful and enjoyable sound.

With a frequency response of 35Hz - 20kHz, a respectable sound spectrum is reproduced with each low and high peak on the frequency scale accurately reflected. They also manage to generate a beefy 30W output, making them a great 'party' speaker as well! Placement is also easy, as the bass drivers are magnetically-shielded, meaning desk-top mounting next to a computer isn't a problem.

As opposed to many monitor speakers made of plastic, the resonance-absorbing body of the ADM-5 are made of high-quality wood; allowing them to offer a well-balanced sound performance. But they're also customisable as well, with high and low tone controls allowing you to tweak the sound to your taste. 


Key Features:

2-Way active monitor speaker
Ideal for DJ use and 'compact' listening rooms
Powerful 30W output
Enjoyable sound performance, with tone control
Stylish gloss finish, with wood construction
Available in Black
Sold as a pair


RP2000USB Turntable

Turntable: Fully-Manual Direct-Drive Design
Speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
Drive: DC Motor
Starting Torque: >1000g/cm
Start/Stop Time: < 1 second
Speed-Change Time: < 1 second
Wow & Flutter: < 0.15% W RMS @ 33 1/3
S/N Ratio: 50dB+ (DIN - B)
Anti-Skating Range: 0 - 7.0g
Tracking Force Range: 0 - 4.0g
Power Consumption: 7.5W
Power Supply: 115/230V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H): 450 x 352 x 144mm
Weight: 9.5kg
Accessories:     Reloop OM Black Cartridge
                        Dust Cover

Reloop ADM-5 Active Speakers

Design: Active 2-Way Monitor Speaker
Output: 2 x 30W RMS
Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz
S/N Ratio: > 75dB
Impedance: 8Ω
Bass Drivers: 5.25" Magnetically Shielded
Tweeter: 1" Dome Design
Dimensions: 232 x 320 x 180mm
Weight: 5.0kg (Each)

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