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Origin Live Aladdin Cartridge
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Origin Live Aladdin Cartridge

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Origin Live Aladdin Cartridge


"...the cartridge will partner with bright systems and, at the price, it does represent great value for money and is certainly worth auditioning." - Hi-Fi Choice. For the full review, please Click Here



A simply stunning cartridge, providing the highest quality sound for your vinyl system. The Aladdin is a derivative of the Soundsmith Carmen model, but employs a sophisticated energy management system found in much higher cost Soundsmith cartridges.

The Aladdin Cartridge affords high end performance from a very moderately priced cartridge. It will provide a level of clarity and beauty from your vinyl that will make you take out your record collection and listen to it all over again.

Stylus and cantilever design? Only the best available in its class, because that's where the rubber meets the road, in cartridge terms.

Just at the price point where most cartridge manufacturers make their profit by using a very low cost "bonded" elliptical or even conical stylus, Origin Live use "nude" single piece Elliptical shaped Diamond stylus.




The Aladdin overturns the myth that "moving coil" cartridges are the only path towards perfection. After all, what is the "advantage" of the moving coil type of cartridge? Low moving mass, right? Origin Live got less. Much less. And if you understand moving mass, Less IS more.

The cartridge exhibits a lower EFFECTIVE moving mass than most all MC types of cartridges. Far lower. Why is that good? Because when you lower the effective moving mass, it's easier to control. If it's easier to control, the stylus can stay in better contact with the groove walls. That's good, because if you can't stay in contact with the groove walls, you can't hear what's on the record.

Is a moving coil preamp required? No. The Aladdin is a "Moving Iron design" - designed to be used with a standard Moving Magnet preamp. No transformers. No finicky multi-stage ultra high gain preamp required.


Stylus:    Nude Eliptical, 0.120 mm sq
Cantilever:   Aluminium Alloy
Tracking Force recommeneded:    1.4 grams
Effective Tip Mass:    0.35mg
Compliance:   22um/mN
Frequency Response:   20 - 20,000 Hz   plus or minus 2.5dB
Channel Separation at 1000 Hz   greater than 26dB,     50 - 15,000 Hz greater than 20dB
Channel Difference:   Less than 1.6dB
Output Voltage:   2.12mV
Cartridge Weight:   10.27 Grams
Load Resistance:   47K
Height; 17.5mm







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