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Cartridge Man The MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge

Cartridge Man The MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge

A modern classic and sonic 'masterpiece'

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Manufacturer:  Cartridge Man


Cartridge Man The MusicMaker Classic Phono Cartridge

The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic is ahigh end performer that offers several benefits over the MkIII andincludes Isolator (worth £83) for free. In contrast to the MkIII, theClassic uses pure silver rather than copper wiring and features a raftof further improvements that raise the musical performance to anentirely new level.

As a Moving Iron (MI) design, the MusicMaker Classic features all the musical benefits of a moving coil (MC)cartridge with an output level similar to that of a moving magnet (MM)cartridge. This means you can use the cartridge with any standardmoving magnet phono stage. Having heard a fully run in Music MakerMkIII, many critics have been stunned by the sonic improvementspossible with the Music Maker Classic, so much so that its been labeledas a modern classic and sonic 'masterpiece'.

Cartridge Man Isolator (Included for Free!)

This is a a uniqueproduct which can be placed between cartridge and headshell to providemaximum cartridge isolation. It's so effective in practice that it canreduce the noise floor by up to 50%. Reviewer Geoff Husband commentedthat it offers 'a significant improvement - without question'. Usually£83, we include one for free with this cartridge.





"...The Classic’s balance of natural timbre, realistic stereophony, andsimply spell-binding replication of the What and How of instrumentalplaying leads to a musically communicative immersion into the art ofthe music that is unparalleled in my 34-year history with phonocartridges... (Stereo Times magazine)

...the Music Maker Classic is a true masterpiece. It is a privilege tointroduce this wonderful cartridge to all music lovers. It is a classicin all senses of the word. (Hi-fi press reviewer Paul Szabady)


Output voltage: 4mV
- Frequency response: 10Hz - 50KHz
- Stereo separation: >25dB across 10Hz to 30KHz range
- Loading requirement: 47K Ohm (standard moving magnet)
- Cartridge weight: 6.2g
- Stylus type: Proprietary extended contact area diamond
- Tracking force: 1.55g +/- 0.05g (critical)
- Arm requirement: Medium to low mass (13g or less)
- Bias (anti-skate) requirements: Minimal


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